Arch Linux installed but cannot login

Peter Tesar ptesar at
Mon Feb 10 22:19:41 EST 2014

Hello  ArchLinux users,

I have just installed the Talking ArchLinux to my hard drive. I used the 
live CD to boot and followed the beginners guide to the best of my ability.

I have the Grub menu but I cannot login to Linux because of the request 
for a login and password.

While in the chroot part of the installation, I set the root password 
using 'passwd'. I used this information to login to my installed system. 
It doesn't work.

Am I being asked for the root that I entered during the install process?

The guide is somewhat extensive. It contains information that is either 
confusing, not explained (locale) or irrelevant to my situation 
(wireless). I had to read between the lines and make guesses.

I generated the locale but did not edit it. I ignored the steps that 
referred to host, the hardware clock etc. Perhaps I missed the part that 
is causing my problem.

The guide instructs to exit the chroot and reboot. The guide does not 
explain what the login process will be. Am I to login as root or as a user?

Also, there is no Speakup active for the login process. Will this always 
be the case? Will I always have to login at startup?


Peter Tesar

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