Arch Linux installed but cannot login

Kelly Prescott kprescott at
Mon Feb 10 22:36:07 EST 2014

Peter, You should use the root password you set when you used the passwd 
Does the system come up talking when you boot it?
If not, then you probably did not install espeakup and alsa.
When you used the pacstrap command, it should have been
pacstrap base alsa espeakup
You can send me direct email if you need more assistance with this as it 
is not specifically speakup related.

On Mon, 10 Feb 2014, Peter Tesar wrote:

> Hello  ArchLinux users,
> I have just installed the Talking ArchLinux to my hard drive. I used the live 
> CD to boot and followed the beginners guide to the best of my ability.
> I have the Grub menu but I cannot login to Linux because of the request for a 
> login and password.
> While in the chroot part of the installation, I set the root password using 
> 'passwd'. I used this information to login to my installed system. It doesn't 
> work.
> Am I being asked for the root that I entered during the install process?
> The guide is somewhat extensive. It contains information that is either 
> confusing, not explained (locale) or irrelevant to my situation (wireless). I 
> had to read between the lines and make guesses.
> I generated the locale but did not edit it. I ignored the steps that referred 
> to host, the hardware clock etc. Perhaps I missed the part that is causing my 
> problem.
> The guide instructs to exit the chroot and reboot. The guide does not explain 
> what the login process will be. Am I to login as root or as a user?
> Also, there is no Speakup active for the login process. Will this always be 
> the case? Will I always have to login at startup?
> Thanks.
> Peter Tesar
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