Attention John Heim, About your Custome Kernel?

John G. Heim jheim at
Mon Feb 10 09:47:22 EST 2014

I don't have access to a 32-bit debian machine on which to build a 
32-bit version of the patched kernel. I can do something like create
a 32-bit virtual machine and make it on that but I am booked solid for 
the next few days. I probably won't get to it until the weekend.

It's really irritating to me that we have to go through this. By the 
normal definition of a bug, the code as it exists now has the bug. My 
code doesn't introduce a bug, it just doesn't conform to the standards 
for writing to the serial port. I understand the importance of 
standards. I am about as big on the concept that neatness counts
computers as anybody. But people come first.
I mean there is one awa

responsible for this, IMO.

The thing about this patch is that it's not a bug as such. There are 
pluses an minuses to what it does. By the normal definition of a bug, 
something about a program that doesn't serve it's intended purpose, the 
way it is now is a bug, not the patch. The kernel developers call the 
patch a bug because it doesn't do things the way they think it should be 
done. And they have a point there, I'm not disputing that. It is just 
that it doesn't work at all done the way they want it done.

In my opinion, this is a question of values. I completely agree that 
standards like the ones the kernel developers are enforcing are 
important. YYou will have to trust me on this but I am truely a 
"neatness counts" guy when it comes to computers. But people come first. 
Jobs may depend on this. It's hard enough for blind people to get get 
and keep jobs in IT without the kernel developers throwing up additional 
barriers to their success.

The code is in the "staging" area. When you load a speakup kernel 
module, a wwarning is displayed. That should be enough.

PS: There ought to be a word for this kind of nerdy behaviour. It's like 
tamping down security so much that nobody can use the system. You want 
to make a computer completely secure so nobody can break in, turn it off.

1, Hart Larry wrote:
> OK, I wanted to try John's later kernel, which might let me still run a
> DecTalk U S B. But the immage is an amd64. Would their be a way of
> converting to 32bit, or would it actually run? Thanks so much in advance.
> Hart
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