Attention John Heim, About your Custome Kernel?

Hart Larry chime at
Mon Feb 10 10:48:06 EST 2014

Thanks LittleField-and-John for your analysis.
So John, if I understand, once I am in a later kernel, any current anoyances 
with the DecTalk in Speakup will remain? While I am just a user-and-certainly 
not a programmer, it almost seems as if emacspeak is nearly an only speech setup 
with a blessing of developers. And speaking of emacspeak, I sure would `still 
love to know if I could run a emacspeak DecTalk server in place of the Speakup 
drivers? Thanks so much in advance--and-certainly John, please travel at a pace 
which is comfortable, as I will be away later this week. I suppose I will be 
able to run your new kernel straight from the hard-drive without burning an 
image? I hope, as my CD drive is jammed.

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