SpeakUp and the Raspberry Pi...more

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Tue May 28 18:02:10 EDT 2013

Hello Martin,

I'm a ham too, G4XBF.

I have added 2 issues to the Raspberry Pi Foundation's bug tracker to 
try to get the problems fixed.

In the mean-time I can probably make SpeakUp work by using a USB sound 
device.  The kernel oops is caused by the queueing mechanism that 
interfaces to the Broadcom GPU on the RPI.


On 28/05/2013 17:50, Martin G. McCormick wrote:
> 	This is interesting. Keep us up to date with the
> Raspberry Pie stuff as I think this could be a useful portable
> device.
> 	I am an amateur radio operator and some of the gear out
> there has serial interfaces which are accessible via RS-232
> terminal or more commonly a P.C.
> 	It would be nice to be able to program frequencies and
> groups of channels on the road, so to speak, like we do at home.
> 	Another interesting possibility might be to connect a
> Pie to hardware to send and receive infrared remote commands.
> The Pie could talk to us and tell us what IR codes it just
> received or we could know what signals we were sending out to a
> television or DVD/blue Ray player.
> 	There are all sorts of possibilities if the speech can
> work right.
> 	I have yet to actually examine a Raspberry Pie computer
> so I don't know what is available on the connector pins, but I
> can see these things as little talking appliances we might use
> to do one or two tasks.
> Martin
> Mike Ray writes:
>> Hello,
>> Forgive me if nobody on here is really interested in this stuff but I
>> thought I'd post it on the off-chance it sparks any ideas.
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