SpeakUp and the Raspberry Pi...more

Martin G. McCormick martin at server1.shellworld.net
Tue May 28 12:50:56 EDT 2013

	This is interesting. Keep us up to date with the
Raspberry Pie stuff as I think this could be a useful portable

	I am an amateur radio operator and some of the gear out
there has serial interfaces which are accessible via RS-232
terminal or more commonly a P.C.

	It would be nice to be able to program frequencies and
groups of channels on the road, so to speak, like we do at home.

	Another interesting possibility might be to connect a
Pie to hardware to send and receive infrared remote commands.
The Pie could talk to us and tell us what IR codes it just
received or we could know what signals we were sending out to a
television or DVD/blue Ray player.

	There are all sorts of possibilities if the speech can
work right.

	I have yet to actually examine a Raspberry Pie computer
so I don't know what is available on the connector pins, but I
can see these things as little talking appliances we might use
to do one or two tasks.


Mike Ray writes:
> Hello,
> Forgive me if nobody on here is really interested in this stuff but I
> thought I'd post it on the off-chance it sparks any ideas.

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