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Just for completeness sake ...

Pulseaudio is not active on my system. So, getting GDM to speak does not
require pulseaudio. It may work with pulse, I wouldn't know. But, it
definitely isn't a prerequisite.


Kyle writes:
> Yes, these are indeed the steps I took to make the screen reader start:
> alt-control-tab, right arrow once, down arrow 4 times, enter and reboot.
> I had only tested them on Arch, but I think it's a gnome-shell thing, so
> it should work on any distro with gnome-shell 3.6, and may work on
> earlier versions as well. I have read that there may be a hotkey option
> coming in the future, but some funky things with pulseaudio will have to
> be worked out also, or there will be a lot of disappointments when it
> doesn't work as expected. Of course I refer to the autospawn  being
> turned off by default, which causes a copy of /etc/pulse/client.conf to
> need to be copied to /var/lib/gdm/.config/pulse/client.conf and
> autospawn to need to be enabled in GDM's copy just to make that talking
> login screen work properly. I'm sure turning autospawn off by default
> fixed some things for other users, but it sure did make things more
> difficult for those of us who need Orca at the login screen. Of course
> this won't be a problem at all for users who disable pulseaudio
> systemwide, as speech should work in gdm the same as it does on the desktop.
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