Talking GDM [Was: Voxin was: Switching to Linux]

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Mon May 13 15:54:26 EDT 2013

According to Janina Sajka:
# Pulseaudio is not active on my system. So, getting GDM to speak does not
# require pulseaudio. It may work with pulse, I wouldn't know. But, it
# definitely isn't a prerequisite.

This is indeed good to know. I leave Pulseaudio enabled here, and I
don't have any problems. In fact, it helped me out with a project I
needed to do involving streaming and piping audio from multiple
applications into a single application's input. But it's good to know
that if it's disabled or otherwise inactive, most everything, especially
the talking GDM login, works as expected. Too bad about the earcons in
GNOME though. Do you at least still get a terminal bell?
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