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Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun May 12 21:34:42 EDT 2013

Thanks Mike! It looks like sqlite is what I was looking for. I've got
the sqlite3 and sqlite3-doc packages installed, and will be figuring
things out.


On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 11:22:14PM +0100, Mike Ray wrote:
> Greg,
> What you probably need is sqlite.
> sqlite is a totally free public domain database engine.  It is used
> in probably more devices than any other rdbms, because it is present
> in practically every embedded device.  Mobile phones, tablets and
> media centres.
> If you install Python, you will get sqlite along with it.
> There are ways to connect to it from practically every language you
> can think of.
> And it even has the ability to create purely 'in memory' databases
> for temporary configuration stuff.
> I have used it on a Raspberry Pi to hold the station list in a
> home-brew internet radio.
> Mike

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