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Gregory Nowak greg at
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I'm just curious, where are you getting these various recommendations
from? Word of mouth, or one or more sites? If sites, which ones?

I had a look at:

and it seems that MSE doesn't provide boot time scanning, and web
protection. While AVG doesn't provide as much as other scanners, it
does provide those two. That, along with the fact that I haven't had
problems with AVG so far would still prompt me to choose it over MSE,
but that's just my personal choice of course.

Yes, AVG is free for personal use, but not for business. It's been
this way since I started using it in the 6.x days:

If there's a nominal fee, I'm not aware of it. I'm using it just fine,
and haven't been asked once by AVG for a credit card number.

>From what I know, avast requires one to register, even though it's
free. Nothing wrong with that, but if I have to choose between free
alternatives which require me to register, and those that don't, I'll
naturally go with those that don't, as long as they work for me.


On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 01:33:23AM -0700, Tony Baechler wrote:
> As I said, my experience with AVG was many years ago on Windows 98, so
> perhaps some of the issues are fixed nowadays.  My machine didn't totally
> lock up, but it was so slow that it might as well have.  I could just plan
> on not having my machine for about 15 minutes and there seemed to be no
> way to stop it.  I looked into it last year for my brother's Windows 7
> notebook and it wasn't recommended.  Norton Internet Security and
> Microsoft Security Essentials seemed to be the recommended options, so we
> went with Norton because it's relatively cheap and the notebook is for
> business.  AVG was not free for personal use as I recall, but after not
> only my problems with it but reading about several other people having
> problems and several months going by with no updates, I assumed it was
> dead.  I thought I read that you had to pay some nominal fee even for
> personal use, but that could be wrong.  I know that it isn't licensed for
> a business which was the main concern.  I liked the looks of Nod32, but it
> was too expensive compared to Norton and the other options.  As it turned
> out, his Norton expired and he's onto something else anyway.  Avast now
> seems to be the recommended personal free virus scanner.

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