hardware or software synths

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Mon Jul 23 08:19:51 EDT 2012

Something else no one seems to reference in these discussions is sound 
quality speech wise.
Believe the ability to understand your speech, a  matter of personal 
taste, carries in price consideration in a major way.  Likewise other 
uses you will want to make for your sound card.
I prefer hardware speech to software, and personally would need two 
sound cards if I went with software speech.
Just my take,

On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, acollins at icsmail.net wrote:

> Hi.  It would probably be easier and less expensive to go with a
> software synth.  The reason is that finding machines that have isa
> serial ports these days is almost imposible, and speakup as of right now
> does not work with either pci or usb serial ports.  Espeak is a software
> synth that comes with most Linux distroibutions, and is easy to use.
> And of course, the price is right.  I don't know if the Braille Note
> emulates either the Keynote Gold, or some other supported synth.  My
> guess is probably not.  If you can find a machine with standard isa
> serial ports, then probably a litetalk, a Braille 'n Speak, or a Dectalk
> Express would be good hardware choices.
> Gene Collins
>> Hi.
>> I will hopefully be going to University and I have applied for the DSa.
>> They are asking for information about Speakup and linux and I need to know
>> which would be the best synthisiser to use and which suppliers in the UK
>> sell.  I have read something about the keynote gold, would a braillenote
>> apex double up as a synth for Speakup?  Any help on  where I can get one of
>> the supported synths would be great
>> Thanks
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