serial ports

Jason White jason at
Fri Jul 13 20:03:52 EDT 2012

Kyle  <speakup at> wrote:
>Wow! I definitely need to take a look at bios over lan. Sounds like a dream
>come true to me. Can this be accessed on a running machine, or does it
>require a telnet connection from another box at the bios setup screen?

Well, you'll need another machine to connect from, of course. I think the
other machine needs to run IPMI tools, but that shouldn't be a problem - Linux
laptop connects to Linux desktop to access the BIOS would be a typical
scenario. Of course, this is all designed for remote administration of
>Additionally, I have been looking with a great deal of interest at the
>Coreboot project. Does anyone know if it will support modifying bios settings
>in this or another accessible way on supported motherboards? Well, I am sure
>that settings could be changed in the rom before flashing it, but does anyone
>know if it can be set accessibly after flashing?  

As I understand it, Coreboot replaces the BIOS altogether, so there is no BIOS
anymore on a machine with Coreboot in the flash. Of course, it should be
possible to configure Coreboot itself, but you'll have to look up the details.

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