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On the web browsing front, I was toying around with an idea for a
while that I hadn't had a chance to really explore yet, but it should
work. I have a virtual machine on my server box running debian with
speakup/gnome. I also have an old laptop 266 MHz, 96 megs of ram that
won't run gnome, but is the only thing I have right now if I want to
go portable. So what I was thinking of is to install a x terminal on the
laptop, forward x over ssh from the virtual machine, and use firefox,
or icewheasel as debian calls it from the laptop, but actually running
on the much more powerful and roomy virtual machine. Icewheasel/orca
doesn't come close to windows in my experience, but should do the job
on most, if not all sites if you're patient in navigating
pages. Muttering unmentionable words under your breath seems to help
too some times (grin).

Once I've had a chance to look into this, and try doing it, I can
report back if you want.


On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 03:19:04PM -0400, Doug Smith wrote:
> I have an idea if anyone on here would be willing to help me with it.  Is there any way to use w3m with the 
> new v8 javascript engine used in google chrome?  Just take out the error handling code which simply says 
> that w3m is not able to handle javascript links and plug in whatever is needed to make it work with the 
> javascript engine.  I thought of that the other night, but I am not familiar enough with interconnecting C 
> and C++ nor am I familiar with deciding which files in a multi-file package to modify.  If I were, I would 
> try this.  
> If anyone is willing to help me, I will work with you.  
> Thank you. 
> Doug Smith
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