best cli web browser & email programs

Jason White jason at
Thu Apr 26 20:24:14 EDT 2012

Doug Smith  <speakup at> wrote:
>I have an idea if anyone on here would be willing to help me with it.  Is there any way to use w3m with the 
>new v8 javascript engine used in google chrome?  Just take out the error handling code which simply says 
>that w3m is not able to handle javascript links and plug in whatever is needed to make it work with the 
>javascript engine.  

I expect it would be possible, but the Javascript interpreter really isn't the
issue that people on this thread are concerned about. After all, Elinks,
Edbrowse, etc., all use Mozilla's Javascript library.

The problem is with all those Web APIs that have to be implemented within the
browser: Document Object Model, XMLHTTPRequest, HTML5 APIs, Aria, etc. There
are only two open implementations of the above, namely Mozilla Gecko and
WebKit. I do not expect a third implementation to arise unless there is a good
reason for it that can attract a large community of developers.

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