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Mon Apr 23 05:10:45 EDT 2012

Ok I am responding to this section of your message:

archive mirror selection, type '<' to get back to main menu, change
the priority to lowest, enter the mirror selection part again, and then

The debian installer is a menu based system. Generally it selects the 
next and default option you want to use based on what you have done so 
far so for example first you configure a language then you configure a 
You can do the steps out of order, and in fact changing the priority is 
an option toward the bottom of the menu that you can execute out of 
sequence which will then influence the next steps of the install.

You need to change the order of steps once the installer guides you to 
the select mirror archive section which is what is being stated in the 

At this point you hit < to go back to the main menu, select the priority 
option then return to your mirror selection.

Do keep in mind that Linux distributions are complicated animals with 
widely varying documentation which ranges from excellent to poor.
Generally the Debian documentation is rather good, although it is often 
required to look up stuff on the net with a capable browser.
Note capable here is defined as a browser capable of rendering 
javascript and supporting session cookies as many of the forum sites 
require these.

Others on this list can speak regarding the chalenges of configuring 
Orca and Gnome or other GUI based accessibility, I only have experience 
with server admin via ssh and a little speakup.

Regards, Kerry.

On 23/04/2012 11:37 AM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been reading through the debian documentation in general, I admit
> it would have been far simpler to find one file comprising the Debian
> documentation, but I imagine the break down is advantageous if one is
> reading on line.
> I have two questions, one based on
> Samuel's instructions below, so let me start with that.
> I wish to be very specific so as to direct the answer in my desired
> direction.
> In his readme file Samuel writes the following.
>> As a replacement, the testing images (i.e. Wheezy) can be downloaded from
> As stated earlier, I have the cd image from here, the first disc only. I
> have all of the debian squeeze images on DVD and intend finishing the
> install from my external DVD drive
> Samuel said in a prior note that this will be possible as debian does
> not care where the install is coming from. I still have no network, so
> prefer having more debian than having to go back for anything else later.
> I have a question about the below sentence however.
> Again from the readme file...
> , and just before
>> archive mirror selection, type '<' to get back to main menu, change
>> the priority to lowest, enter the mirror selection part again, and then
> Can you be more specific here? I understand from the install manual how
> one changes priority to expert mode.
> where I am unsure is the "just before the mirror archive selection," and
> next, " enter the mirror archive part again." aspect of your instructions?
> This is not part of the I want to be sure I have in my notes
> what will happen and how to choose to install squeeze once in expert mode.
> Thanks,
> Karen
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