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Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Mon Apr 23 12:02:08 EDT 2012

Hi Kerry,
Thanks for this excellent detailed answer.  While I have not as of yet read 
the update Sam referenced in his later note, your explanation helps very 
Honestly I find the debian documentation very well written and easy 
to understand.  I only wish that I could likewise find a single 
downloadable copy of the manual.   one of the terrific tings about lynx is 
that I can email pages to myself constructing the sections I need.
Had to smile at the capable reference. if Debian developers require it, I 
are say they provide an accessible capable browser in the distribution 
thanks again,

On Mon, 23 Apr 2012, Kerry Hoath wrote:

> Ok I am responding to this section of your message:
> archive mirror selection, type '<' to get back to main menu, change
> the priority to lowest, enter the mirror selection part again, and then
> The debian installer is a menu based system. Generally it selects the next 
> and default option you want to use based on what you have done so far so for 
> example first you configure a language then you configure a keyboard.
> You can do the steps out of order, and in fact changing the priority is an 
> option toward the bottom of the menu that you can execute out of sequence 
> which will then influence the next steps of the install.
> You need to change the order of steps once the installer guides you to the 
> select mirror archive section which is what is being stated in the Readme.
> At this point you hit < to go back to the main menu, select the priority 
> option then return to your mirror selection.
> Do keep in mind that Linux distributions are complicated animals with widely 
> varying documentation which ranges from excellent to poor.
> Generally the Debian documentation is rather good, although it is often 
> required to look up stuff on the net with a capable browser.
> Note capable here is defined as a browser capable of rendering javascript and 
> supporting session cookies as many of the forum sites require these.
> Others on this list can speak regarding the chalenges of configuring Orca and 
> Gnome or other GUI based accessibility, I only have experience with server 
> admin via ssh and a little speakup.
> Regards, Kerry.
> On 23/04/2012 11:37 AM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>>  Hi all,
>>  I have been reading through the debian documentation in general, I admit
>>  it would have been far simpler to find one file comprising the Debian
>>  documentation, but I imagine the break down is advantageous if one is
>>  reading on line.
>>  I have two questions, one based on
>>  Samuel's instructions below, so let me start with that.
>>  I wish to be very specific so as to direct the answer in my desired
>>  direction.
>>  In his readme file Samuel writes the following.
>> >  As a replacement, the testing images (i.e. Wheezy) can be downloaded 
>> >  from
>> >
>>  As stated earlier, I have the cd image from here, the first disc only. I
>>  have all of the debian squeeze images on DVD and intend finishing the
>>  install from my external DVD drive
>>  Samuel said in a prior note that this will be possible as debian does
>>  not care where the install is coming from. I still have no network, so
>>  prefer having more debian than having to go back for anything else later.
>>  I have a question about the below sentence however.
>>  Again from the readme file...
>>  , and just before
>> >  archive mirror selection, type '<' to get back to main menu, change
>> >  the priority to lowest, enter the mirror selection part again, and then
>>  Can you be more specific here? I understand from the install manual how
>>  one changes priority to expert mode.
>>  where I am unsure is the "just before the mirror archive selection," and
>>  next, " enter the mirror archive part again." aspect of your instructions?
>>  This is not part of the I want to be sure I have in my notes
>>  what will happen and how to choose to install squeeze once in expert mode.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Karen
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