Accessible tv tuners from the cli?

Bob Ross pigiron at
Sun Oct 30 03:06:27 EDT 2011

Just spent a few moments on an example of a start:

A quick google brought up the the e4000 tuner chip here:

from elonics that they claim can feed DAB+ into the Realtek RTL2832U chip; which
demodulates the signal and squirts it over the USB bus.

Now take a look here for the semi-current Linux kernel viewpoint for this
specific Realtek USB endpoint:

Notice that the following appears on that page:

"At present drivers of various quality can be found on the net although none
have been known to work consistently. For the Zazz ezcap DVB-T FM DAB and Twintech UT30 the following driver works:"

You can find a high level overview of the Realtek chip here:

Wondering if there's a reference board available somewhere and if there's
relevant low level chip specifications that can be found.

This is where shit like this all this begins.


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