Accessible tv tuners from the cli?

Bob Ross pigiron at
Sun Oct 30 02:10:47 EDT 2011

> DAB+ is available here, and sooner or later there will be compatible tuners
> available with Linux support,
> To make DAB+ properly accessible, it would be necessary to decode the textual
> information that radio stations can include along with the audio.
> A textual Linux player should be possible in principle.

My man!!!

After the proverbial "they" ran roughshod over the masses on this side of the
pond and successfully pushed iBiquity's HD Radio over the airwaves to us in the
states, I started to dabble in it. While I had quite a bit fun, I produced only
a very rudimentary GUI that displayed just some of the myriad of textual FM data
that it can produce. But it was oh so very basic because I'm a kernel kind of
guy that simply had a thought that playing with a GUI up in user space just
might be fun for a change.

Of course that only happened after a handful of chips were created that could
receive such a signal; and as far as I can tell these are probably the last
batch of silicon we may see. It's not gone over that well here. But early on a
single person in a specific spot on globe pushed a driver into the kernel after
he got his hands on the chip specifications; and did a pretty damn good job I
gotta say.

So, if and when you find that DAB+ chip specs appear, it's my hope that you
will do better than both he or I and create a roughly polished driver and or
application that all you folks that are within the range of a DAB+ signal can

This is exactly the kind of special itch that starts most open source projects
don't ya know.

Here's to seeing something on Sourceforge, github, or the staging tree on in the future. And if such a time does arrive and you desire some
help in kernel space, just save my address.

Side bar note:

> but besides mobile use cases, there isn't a great need for it under my circumstances.

Possibly not, but keep an eye out for it. Even though HD Radio has been mostly
a dud over here, I've got a 19 inch rack mounted HD Radio that spews it's
output into what I gotta say is at least approaching a somewhat high end audio
system. What's amazing is not so much the fidelity, but any silence that might
be found in the signal. It's totally "black". Nothing like like anything
normally ever seen on a FM signal.

Or am I reading what what you wrote wrong???


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