Accessible tv tuners from the cli?

Chris Brannon chris at
Thu Oct 27 08:05:24 EDT 2011

pigiron at writes:

> Getting everything set up correctly is definitely a head scratcher though. So
> set aside gobs of time and get your zen in shape in order to keep your blood
> pressure in check.

Wow!  What an informative post!  I bought a TV tuner two years ago, when
TV went digital.  I spent hours getting it to work.  After listening to
5 minutes of TV with mplayer, my Linux box crashed with a kernel panic
of some sort.  I haven't tried since then.  It's a cheapy USB tuner, but
it's supported by v4l, after loading some extra firmware.  I think I'll
dig it out and see if it does any better today.
Unfortunately, the "cable" in this house is AT&T U-verse.  It requires a
special box, so I'm not sure that the tuner would work for anything but

-- Chris

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