Accessible tv tuners from the cli?

Jason White jason at
Thu Oct 27 21:49:52 EDT 2011

Janina Sajka  <speakup at> wrote:
>Thanks, Bob, for all this good info. I'm not looking to do this myself
>just now for a number of reasons, but I'm keeping your post against the
>day I do want to do this.

I concur.
>Question: Isn't it worth considering simply accessing the content you
>want over the net using a browser? 

I listen to radio avidly, and streaming services are now my preferred choice.
DAB+ is available here, and sooner or later there will be compatible tuners
available with Linux support, but besides mobile use cases, there isn't a
great need for it under my circumstances. To make DAB+ properly accessible, it
would be necessary to decode the textual information that radio stations can
include along with the audio. Stations are selected by name rather than by
frequency, since the band-width allocated to each radio station can be
subdivided by them to run several services simultaneously, and this
subdivision can be changed dynamically (with corresponding changes in audio
quality as services are added or removed, thereby altering the bit-rates of
other services offered by the broadcaster).

A textual Linux player should be possible in principle.

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