Netflix was Re: Accessible tv tuners from the cli?

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Hulu works in Linux and has a lot of great content. The only thing they
don't do is ship out DVDs.
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On Thu, 2011-10-27 at 07:23 -0500, Chris Brannon wrote:

> Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:
> > The famous name in this space, of course, it Net Flix, but they're
> > supposedly not so accessible.
> Due to DRM, Netflix isn't usable at all under Linux on the desktop, not
> even for sighted people.  Thank Hollywood for that.  In Linux-only
> households, the only way to use Netflix is via a "Netflix-ready" device.
> The vast majority of those aren't accessible at all.  They're "consumer
> electronics", so go figure.  Lots of folks go for the Roku streaming
> player, which is recommended by Netflix.  Are you ready for a laugh?
> The Roku device runs an embedded Linux!  There's no reason that it
> couldn't provide some spoken feedback, but it doesn't do so today.
> For a blind person, the AppleTV might work.  It supports Netflix, and it
> is accessible using VoiceOver.  I looked at one late last year, but I
> decided not to buy it.  For one thing, I suspect that you have to manage
> it with iTunes.  I don't own a Windows machine or a Mac, so this is a
> show-stopper for me.  Second, it only supports HDMI output.  If you're
> using an older TV, as I was at the time, you're out of luck!
> -- Chris
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