speakup and a USB numeric keypad

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at ftml.net
Wed Oct 19 07:55:58 EDT 2011

Hi Gene,

acollins at icsmail.net wrote:

> Hi all.  I am using a full size usb keyboard as I write this.  The
> numeric keypadworks just fine.  I suspect if can find a Logitech keypad,
> itwill work with no problem.  If you can find them at Best Buy, they
> have a thirty day return policy, so if it doesn't work you can take it
> back.  My full size keyboard is also a Logitech.  It fits rather nicely
> in my laptop bag, which means that no matter where I take the laptop, I
> don't have to put up with it's tiny and crampped keyboard.  It's an 8
> inch Acer netbook.
> Gene
Thanks for that info, it's good to know.


Chuck in Hudson.

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