speakup and a USB numeric keypad

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Wed Oct 19 06:56:29 EDT 2011

Hi all.  I am using a full size usb keyboard as I write this.  The
numeric keypadworks just fine.  I suspect if can find a Logitech keypad,
itwill work with no problem.  If you can find them at Best Buy, they
have a thirty day return policy, so if it doesn't work you can take it
back.  My full size keyboard is also a Logitech.  It fits rather nicely
in my laptop bag, which means that no matter where I take the laptop, I
don't have to put up with it's tiny and crampped keyboard.  It's an 8
inch Acer netbook.


>I did have problems however.  The problem I had was that the insert
>key would not act as a normal insert modifier.  Apparently, this
>particular keyboard was intended strictly to be for numeric kaying and
>the insert key on that pad was actually built as a tab key for the
>keyer to tab to the next field.  Thus I could never get the other keys
>on the pad to do anything but enter numbers!  It was a total bust for
>me.  I don't know how to address this issue with store help to be sure
>to pick the correct keyboard next time I look for one.  Not sure what
>to look for on any of the packaging.  I'm glad that can still be a
>possibility but at this point, I can't say what brands to either avoid
>or embrace.
>On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 10:57:00PM +0200, Dietmar Segbert wrote:
>> > janina at rednote.net schrieb am 18.10.11:
>> Hello,
>> i use a usb-nummerickeypad with my eeepc 1005ha since a long time without  
>> having problems.
>> regards
>> Dietmar
>> > Hi, Chuck:
>> > I used to do this all the time back in the good old days before
>> > Speakup had a laptop friendly alternative.
>> > Those good old days are so long ago, it wasn't even a USB device I
>> > used. I had a PS2 numeric keypad that I would set up to the right
>> > of my laptop on the train from NYC to DC and back.
>> > Worked like a charm. I can't imagine USB would create any issue.
>> > Janina
>> > Chuck Hallenbeck writes:
>> >> Hi people,
>> >>
>> >> Suppose a system has a keyboard without a numeric keypad, and the
>> >> user wants to add a separate USB numeric keypad in order to
>> >> operate speakup in the normal desktop fashio;n.  Can that be done
>> >> without serious problems? What are the pitfalls to watch out for?
>> >>
>> >> Thanks for any info.
>> >>
>> >> Chuck
>> >>
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