Running Speakup on Ubuntu (fwd)

David Sexton david at
Tue May 31 19:24:13 EDT 2011

This problem is not vinux specific.
It's in Ubuntu 11.04
using espeakup completely crashes any audio in gnome.
Maybe there is a way to run espeakup with pulse, but I don't know how to 
do that.

David Sexton
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On 6/1/2011 3:50 AM, Sina Bahram wrote:
> Tyler, I completely agree.
> I feel that you, sir, and only you can fix it.
> Thus, please help us fix it from the cobbled mess it is.
>   Please provide a working solution for the problem highlighted below between pulseaudio in system wide mode, etc. etc.
> I'll give you a freebee. You don't even have to implement your solution. Just detail it in full please.
> You obviously know more about this problem than anyone else, so please explain very clearly where Vinux has gone wrong in
> pulseaudio, speakup, and orca support.
> I eagerly await your productive response.
> Take care,
> Sina
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> I think the problem is they've cobbled Vinux together, and now the
> bubble gum acting as glue is finally falling apart.
> On another note, why not use espeakup? It works with pulse, no?
> On 5/31/2011 3:52 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
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>> Subject: Running Speakup on Ubuntu
>> Is anyone able to get speakup running on anUbuntu installation (or live CD) which has the default orca  screen-reader option
> enabled - in other words - which has Orca running and Pulseaudio running in user mode? Or even on a plain Ubuntu without Orca
> enabled - I have been trying to do this for a week and have not made any progress. I am not sure whether the problem is pulsaudio or
> speech-dispatcher or speech-up - but I suspect it maybe caused by speech-dispatcher as I am able to run pulseaudio and speech-up
> without any error messages. But I get an error about speech-dispatcher being disabled if I try to start that in a console.
> Speech-dispatcher seems to be set not to run in system mode by default.
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