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Wed Mar 2 01:46:34 EST 2011

Once you delete that return statement, you have to recompile the kernel
-- in 2.6.37 I would using the staging driver instead of git.  This
works for me , at any rate.

Jacob Schmude <j.schmude at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Well, it's been a while but here I am again to stir up a bit of
> trouble. <grin>
> I'm attempting to use Speakup with a serial synthesizer on Archlinux
> with kernel (2.6.37-ARCH is the in-kernel version number).
> Speakup is included in these kernels, but trying to load any of the
> speakup synthesizer drivers results in the following:
> synth probe
> Ports not available, trying to steal them
> Trying to free nonexistent resource <00000000000003f8-00000000000003ff>
> Unable to allocate port at 3f8, errno -16
> LiteTalk: not found
> ltlk: device probe failed
> This happens with any serial synth I have, though obviously substitute
> the other driver names in these errors. I've tried the Doubletalk LT,
> Dectalk Express, and Accent SA (yes, all of which I do have). I get
> the same result whether I allow Speakup to probe or whether I specify
> a ser=0 parameter.
> I've trieed a few things. First, I tried unbinding the in-kernel
> serial driver from that port via sysfs, but there's no change although
> the port does seem to successfully unbind. Second, I searched the
> speakup archives and found a post from January detailing this problem,
> and the poster had success removing the return NULL statement at that
> point in serialio.c. This didn't work for me, however, and I'm not all
> that surprised it didn't.
> I've tried the staging speakup in the kernel, and with the latest git.
> The return NULL removal was attempted on the git source tree.
> Can anyone shed a bit of light on what I'm probably doing wrong? I can
> compile a custom kernel if necessary, though I was hoping not to need
> this. It worked in kernel 2.6.36, but obviously something critical has
> changed.
> Thanks
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