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Tue Mar 1 21:27:10 EST 2011

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Hi all,
Well, it's been a while but here I am again to stir up a bit of
trouble. <grin>
I'm attempting to use Speakup with a serial synthesizer on Archlinux
with kernel (2.6.37-ARCH is the in-kernel version number).
Speakup is included in these kernels, but trying to load any of the
speakup synthesizer drivers results in the following:
synth probe
Ports not available, trying to steal them
Trying to free nonexistent resource <00000000000003f8-00000000000003ff>
Unable to allocate port at 3f8, errno -16
LiteTalk: not found
ltlk: device probe failed

This happens with any serial synth I have, though obviously substitute
the other driver names in these errors. I've tried the Doubletalk LT,
Dectalk Express, and Accent SA (yes, all of which I do have). I get
the same result whether I allow Speakup to probe or whether I specify
a ser=0 parameter.
I've trieed a few things. First, I tried unbinding the in-kernel
serial driver from that port via sysfs, but there's no change although
the port does seem to successfully unbind. Second, I searched the
speakup archives and found a post from January detailing this problem,
and the poster had success removing the return NULL statement at that
point in serialio.c. This didn't work for me, however, and I'm not all
that surprised it didn't.
I've tried the staging speakup in the kernel, and with the latest git.
The return NULL removal was attempted on the git source tree.
Can anyone shed a bit of light on what I'm probably doing wrong? I can
compile a custom kernel if necessary, though I was hoping not to need
this. It worked in kernel 2.6.36, but obviously something critical has


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