Congratulations to speakup developers and arch architects

Michael Whapples mwhapples at
Tue Nov 30 07:44:39 EST 2010

I too would say well done to all involved with archlinux and speakup. 
However my upgrade was slightly less smooth as I use OSS4 for sound and 
the OSS4 package didn't work with kernel 2.6.36, I had to use oss-hg 
from AUR but that has a problem with one of my sound cards in this 
machine. I guess if I had stuck with ALSA everything would have gone 
without any problems.

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Yes, the updates were smooth as glass.  I've usually had no problems
> with kernel and speakup updates but when they come together, I get a
> tad nervous but all went fine.
> On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 07:04:47PM -0500, Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
>> A routine update just brought my x86-64 system up to kernel 2.6.36
>> complete with a working speakup, and from a power-off state to speech
>> onset took a whole 30 seconds. Great job, people, keep up the good
>> work.
>> Chuck
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