Congratulations to speakup developers and arch architects

Christopher Brannon chris at
Mon Nov 29 12:11:49 EST 2010

Øyvind Lode <oyvind.lode at> writes:

> How do I go about installing a new clean Arch system now that Speakup
> is included in the kernel?

It isn't included in 2.6.36.  It's only in drivers/staging for
2.6.37-RC1 and later.  I don't know whether ArchLinux's 2.6.37 kernel
package will include it, since it's still in staging.  We'll see what
happens, and I'll keep everyone informed as I learn more.  If Speakup
becomes integrated into the kernel package, my speakup package will just
go away, and all of this *should* be transparent to users.

Yes, the instructions on the wiki page are still valid.

-- Chris

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