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Sun Nov 28 06:01:00 EST 2010


Lots of important applications display rapidly-updating
progress-report lines, which I find annoying when using speakup.
For example,  wget, or mplayer f.mp3, or aptitude safe-upgrade.
Mostly I can't see a way to switch them off, except brute force:
  echo 7 > /sys/accessibility/speakup/silent
  mplayer f.mp3
  echo 4 > /sys/accessibility/speakup/silent
  wget 2>/dev/null 

Does someone have a collection of appropriate aliasses or
wrapper-scripts ?  Or is there a standard environment variable
like SPEAKUP_IN_USE that we could campaign to have applications
respect ?

Peter Billam       pj at      (03) 6278 9410
"Was der Meister nicht kann,   vermöcht es der Knabe, hätt er
 ihm immer gehorcht?"   Siegfried to Mime, from Act 1 Scene 2

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