Congratulations to speakup developers and arch architects

Øyvind Lode oyvind.lode at
Mon Nov 29 12:01:25 EST 2010

On 29.11.2010 05:19, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Yes, the updates were smooth as glass.  I've usually had no problems
> with kernel and speakup updates but when they come together, I get a
> tad nervous but all went fine.

How do I go about installing a new clean Arch system now that Speakup is 
included in the kernel?

Does the wiki page "Arch Linux for the blind" still apply?
The wiki page still tells me to install the packages Speakup, eSpeakup 
etc, but Speakup is now included in the kernel?

Just curious since I'm about to install a new Arch system on a new 
computer I've bought.

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