Arch Linux celling points

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at
Thu Nov 18 13:01:20 EST 2010

Steve, I was curious what you meant recently when you said: "What surprises
me about it is it resembles Debian Unstable but yet mostly production
versions of applications are used and it very rarely breaks."
I believe you use Arch yourself, why should that surprise you?
Also, the Arch Linux wiki has a lot of documentation that is well-written if
you ask me.
Arch has an installation process that I find to be a lot easier in most
cases than other installations.
I mean..the number of steps to installing Gentoo is far more than Arch, if
you ask me.
I also like how Arch doesn't cause a lot of stuff you don't need running
even on the LiveCD environment. So many LiveCDs I find are running ssh, and
a billion of other services that you don't even require in a live
environment. The other big point I'd like to make is that not only do other
services run on most CDs I've tested, but so many of them try to
automatically probe for Eth0 and activate it. I don't like that. In my case,
I couldn't have that happening in any case because I use a wireless network
over here. While I find Ethernet a more simpol technology in general with
Linux or anything else as a dhcpcd eth0 is required the number of connected
cables poses an issue.
What about yourself?
As for handeling wireless on my laptop when I'm in a hurry I store all my
configuration settings in a network profile for that particular network.

Regards, --Keith
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