If bash can, why not Speakup?

pj at pjb.com.au pj at pjb.com.au
Thu Nov 18 01:31:48 EST 2010

Janina Sajka wrote:
> to track whether I'm in insert or command mode, i.e. it would
> sure help if Speakup could give me a differently pitched voice

I wrote:
> Presumably by writing something to somewhere in
> /sys/accessibility/speakup/ (or /proc/speakup ?)
> ... It might be possible to do it with a vim script
>   http://www.vim.org/scripts/

It should be possible; e.g. the obviousmode.vim script:
    Clearly indicate visually whether Vim is in insert mode via
    the StatusLine highlight group.  When you go into insert mode,
    the status line color changes.

and indeed in:
there are "mode" and "writefile" functions available ...

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