Apollo stops talking from time to time

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Fri Apr 10 12:35:11 EDT 2009

Getting another synth is out of the question unless someone is willing 
to donate one to me.

This bug hadn't previously shown itself in speakup with my apollo until 
recently (I am not quite sure when but it is somewhere since the 
beginning of 2009 when I switched to GRML).

Michael Whapples
On 23/12/42 19:59, Kerry Hoath wrote:
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">The 
> apollo has a filthy implementation of handshaking.
> I know that speakup has to try and work around this as much as it can, 
> however this isn't perfect.
> Sadly the best solution is to get a different speech synthesizer, 
> however failing this provide as much information about the 
> circumstances around the bug as you can.
> I don't think apollos are that common these days.
> Regards, Kerry.
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> Subject: Apollo stops talking from time to time
>> Hello,
>> I have noticed that my apollo seems to stop talking from time to 
>> time. The last time this happened I looked at the output from dmesg 
>> and found a message saying:
>> Apollo: too many timeouts, deactivating speakup
>> I am using GRML with speakup built from the source debian package 
>> Samuel recently made. What's causing this and how might I solve it?
>> Michael Whapples
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