new OCR project for Linux!

Jason White jason at
Wed Apr 1 23:18:01 EDT 2009

Chris Brannon  <cmbrannon at> wrote:

>Has anyone used it?  Will it run from the command line?  

I went as far as downloading the source archive. If you can compile it, it
will indeed run from the command line. If you have ImageMagick++ installed, it
will convert the image files from any of the formats supported by ImageMagick,
according to the README documentation.

I don't currently have a scanner, hence I lack a source of image files to
convert. For this reason, and due also to my other commitments, I didn't try
to compile Cuneiform.

Sloccount reports over 300,000 lines of C/C++ code. From a quick browse, the
comments in the source code are in Russian, reflecting the origins of the

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