Ancient Domains of Mystery with Speakup

Zachary Kline klinez at
Tue Sep 30 03:48:32 EDT 2008

    Since this issue seems to have a cause we can put a finger on, I wonder 
how easy it would be to fix?  (I'm not familiar enough with how Speakup and 
Ncurses work to try myself, but it seems a needless frustration to have to 
grapple with.  After all, the spaces are technically still there.)
Any thoughts?
Thanks much for the help,

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> That pressing together of words, happens in curses apps which do not
> redraw the spaces.  For example, if you read a page in lynx, and then
> press page down and just let speakup read, it will probably mix the word
> at the end of each line, with the first word on the next.  It will leave
> out words that appeared on the same position of the former page, I assume
> for the same reason.
> Very annoying.
> On Mon, 29 Sep 2008, Zachary Kline wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>    I wonder if anybody has perhaps had any better luck with Ancient 
>> Domains of
>> Mystery, or Adom, than I have.  It's a roguelike game which is available 
>> for
>> Linux among other systems.
>>    My problem with it is that for whatever reason the messages appearing 
>> on
>> the top line are run together when spoken, and sometimes aren't spoken at 
>> all.
>> This isn't the case in, say, Nethack.
>>    An example of how a message sounds to me would be:
>> "Notwhileinthewilderness" or 
>> "Youneedspecialequipmenttoscalethosemountains."
>> Granted, I can check for new messages at every turn, but I'd rather not 
>> have
>> to do that, and it seems overly tedious.  I wonder if there's a simple
>> explaination for why this is happening.
>>    For the record, I'm using Espeakup as my speech synthesizer with 
>> Speakup
>> 3.0.3 from Gentoo and Adom 1.1.1 binary, as sources aren't available.
>> Any help appreciated.
>> Best,
>> Zack.
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