Speakup_dectlk module under 2.6.26-1-686 on Debian Sid

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Mon Sep 29 05:52:25 EDT 2008

Gregory Nowak wrote:

I wrote:

>> I  
>> had no problem with getting speech to work, but there was definitely  
>> sluggish behavior when using the screen review keys.  I'm guessing that  
>> there was a delay of about a second from when I hit a key to when I got  
>> speech.  I don't have that problem with Debian using various kernels on  
>> different machines.
I would like to add that it's not just Speakup keys, it's all speech.  
If I just hit Enter with no command, there is still the same delay 
before I hear the prompt repeated.  Also, one very annoying thing that 
zsh does is repeat the first key back to me, so "ls" becomes "lls" etc.  
I don't recall a delay with key echo but I didn't spend a lot of time 
with it.

> Hmmm, ok, guess it's a sysresccd bug in that case then. Yes, the
> report we have matches what you describe. The report we have states
> however that everything is fine, until shortly after entering runlevel
> 3, which is when the sluggish behavior starts, but those are all the
> details we have, and we'd need to know exactly when after entering
> runlevel 3 this starts to happen, so we can try to figure out what is
> causing the problem. Would you be willing to help debug this?
OK but how?  The Speakup info page tells me to use quiet=1 because 
speech starts before keyboard support.  Therefore, by the time I hit a 
key and hear speech, it's well into the boot process.  I could turn off 
quiet mode but I understand speech won't shut up until some time later 
when keyboard support is activated.  That's why I can't be more clear on 
where the problem starts, I was following the instructions on the info page.

> Ok, I tested with a doubletalk pc, and a bns, and didn't see this
> issue with either synth under 1.1.0, and the 1.1.1 betas. Looks like
> the problem is with more synths than just the dectalk in that case,
> but I certainly haven't been able to reproduce it here with the
> hardware I have to work with. Do you mind if I add the info you
> provided to the speakup-info page, so we have a wider documentation of
> the issue?

OK, my apologies.  I got my CDs mixed up.  I haven't tried the System 
Rescue CD with the Doubletalk LT.  That was the grml CD that had a 
slight delay but I think that's in the Doubletalk firmware.  I forgot 
that I hadn't tried the rescue CD.  I can try it if it would help.  
Also, not that it matters, but the machine with my DEC Express only has 
256 MB of RAM and is a fairly slow processor.  I don't have a problem on 
the same machine with the same synth in Debian or grml though.

I have no objection to putting my posts on other web sites etc.  I do 
appreciate being told though, so thanks for asking.  In regards to 
licensing, I prefer the BSD license but I'm not going to make an issue 
about it.  I'm not planning on enforcing any legal rights regarding my 
posts anyway since they're already in a public archive.  I realize that 
I'm far from perfect and want people to have the right to correct my 
mistakes if they have better or more correct information.  Again, thanks 
for asking first.

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