Speakup_dectlk module under 2.6.26-1-686 on Debian Sid

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Sun Sep 28 14:51:22 EDT 2008

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On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 03:31:43AM -0700, Tony Baechler wrote:
> Hi,
> I didn't look at the above url, but I do use a DEC Express and I did  
> burn and test the 1.1 beta 20 CD, at least I think it was beta 20.  I  
> had no problem with getting speech to work, but there was definitely  
> sluggish behavior when using the screen review keys.  I'm guessing that  
> there was a delay of about a second from when I hit a key to when I got  
> speech.  I don't have that problem with Debian using various kernels on  
> different machines.

Hmmm, ok, guess it's a sysresccd bug in that case then. Yes, the
report we have matches what you describe. The report we have states
however that everything is fine, until shortly after entering runlevel
3, which is when the sluggish behavior starts, but those are all the
details we have, and we'd need to know exactly when after entering
runlevel 3 this starts to happen, so we can try to figure out what is
causing the problem. Would you be willing to help debug this?

> On the other hand, I had the same behavior with a  
> Doubletalk LT and the same System Rescue CD, so I think it's a problem  
> with the CD itself.  I also had no problem with grml 1.1rc1 using both  
> synths on different processors, although software speech abruptly  
> stopped on a machine I was using.  On Debian, I am using my custom  
> 2.6.24 kernel and the 2.6.25-2-686 kernel package.  I haven't upgraded  
> to 2.6.26 yet.  With the Shane Etch CD using 2.6.18, I also noticed a  
> slight delay in getting speech feedback but I figured that was because I  
> was running from CD.

Ok, I tested with a doubletalk pc, and a bns, and didn't see this
issue with either synth under 1.1.0, and the 1.1.1 betas. Looks like
the problem is with more synths than just the dectalk in that case,
but I certainly haven't been able to reproduce it here with the
hardware I have to work with. Do you mind if I add the info you
provided to the speakup-info page, so we have a wider documentation of
the issue?


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