mini-beep.iso seems obsoleted already

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Sep 8 06:29:33 EDT 2008

Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> Samuel, or anyone, can you tell me whether mini-beep.iso has been
> updated since the Lenny archives now contain kernel 2.6.26 as the
> default? I had a couple of very nice installs with the iso before
> 2.6.26 was added to the archives, but afterward the installer complains
> that no modules are available for my kernel version, which I take to be
> 2.6.25. I am advised to install another Debian distribution, but would
> rather stay with Lenny.


I don't know if the iso has been updated or not, but a new install was 
just done on a machine here with no problem.  It installed the 2.6.26 
kernel.  What if you do a normal install and manually build Speakup 
modules or try to apt-cache search speakup-modules?  You could also 
install speakup-source and build your own that way.  The machine didn't 
have speech and wouldn't need Speakup, but the actual install itself was 

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