speech-dispatcher crashing with nothing in log

Adam Myrow myrowa at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 22 19:06:20 EST 2008

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Michael Whapples wrote:

> As suggested by others, there has been some particular problems on
> certain hardware, so to see if it might be, what type of system is it
> (eg. type of processor).

I have also experienced occasional crashes of speech-dispatcher.  I have a 
system with hyper-threading, and am using an SMP kernel.  I wonder if it 
could be a problem specific to SMP machines?  Maybe, it's some kind of 
race condition.  Increasing the log level may be keeping speech-dispatcher 
so busy writing to the log file that it doesn't have time to get into the 
race condition.  Just my theory.  Any thoughts?

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