speech-dispatcher crashing with nothing in log

Rynhardt P Kruger rkruger at gawab.com
Wed Jan 23 13:07:03 EST 2008


I think my prosesser is a duolcore because grml deteckt two CPUs but there is just one prosesser on the board. It's a 
pentiom 4, 3.0 ghz
I have 1 gig and 256 meg ram in this case. I am also using a soundblaster audigy soundcard.

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* Michael Whapples <mwhapples at aim.com> [080123 17:00]:
> On your comment about using alsa in the espeak specific module
> and /dev/dsp being blocked, well this is possibly to do with alsa. When
> using alsa, you shouldn't try and use OSS systems directly. You will
> need to use alsa-oss emulation. I think there is two ways to do oss
> emulation with alsa, kernel emulation (where I think you can just
> use /dev/dsp directly, or via the aoss command (eg. 
> aoss realplay
> would start realplayer using the software oss emulation of alsa).
> Your comment about the voices is very valid, and if the
> speech-dispatcher developers would like to improve the espeak module, I
> think it would be good to have control over the espeak voices to
> symbolic voice name mappings. It may be possible to hack round this by
> removing any espeak voice data files not needed, but I am unsure of this
> and don't know that I could recommend it unless the person doing it was
> certain of what they were actually doing. Also I don't know if that hack
> would work for being able to access voices from different languages.
> As suggested by others, there has been some particular problems on
> certain hardware, so to see if it might be, what type of system is it
> (eg. type of processor).

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