speech-dispatcher crashing with nothing in log

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Tue Jan 22 18:08:04 EST 2008

On your comment about using alsa in the espeak specific module
and /dev/dsp being blocked, well this is possibly to do with alsa. When
using alsa, you shouldn't try and use OSS systems directly. You will
need to use alsa-oss emulation. I think there is two ways to do oss
emulation with alsa, kernel emulation (where I think you can just
use /dev/dsp directly, or via the aoss command (eg. 
aoss realplay
would start realplayer using the software oss emulation of alsa).

Your comment about the voices is very valid, and if the
speech-dispatcher developers would like to improve the espeak module, I
think it would be good to have control over the espeak voices to
symbolic voice name mappings. It may be possible to hack round this by
removing any espeak voice data files not needed, but I am unsure of this
and don't know that I could recommend it unless the person doing it was
certain of what they were actually doing. Also I don't know if that hack
would work for being able to access voices from different languages.

As suggested by others, there has been some particular problems on
certain hardware, so to see if it might be, what type of system is it
(eg. type of processor).

Michael Whapples

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