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Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Mon Jan 7 03:44:56 EST 2008

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Hey, the swap question has come up for me now as I will probably be
rebuilding my Linux environment.  The old days with small memory, it
was recommended to have a swap something like twice the system
memory.  But with larger systems, that seems less valid as I've been
hearing.  I have 2 GB of main system memory and when I include the
high-memory option in the kernel, I get all of it available to me.
With 2 gigs, would it be necessary to have any swap at all? I mean,
with this big a machine, could I go and install Linux and not have a
swap at all? I will probably be doing Slackware again do to my
familiarity with it.  When I looked briefly at Debian the other day,
it appeared to me that the installer would insist on building a swap
partition regardless of my memory size.

I'm just wondering if anyone has some ideas on this topic.  Thanks.
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