does anything upset speakup?

Michael Whapples mwhapples at
Sat Jan 5 14:01:11 EST 2008

On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 21:41 -0800, Gaijin wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 09:18:09PM -0000, Michael Whapples wrote:
> > Those cases I have described are rare, and probably can be seen coming, eg. 
> > kernel stuff, or stuff which tries to access the same hardware as speakup 
> > (eg. if you get emacspeak to try and access the same synth can confuse 
> > things, etc). the things which may mess up your terminal sometimes are 
> > things which use libraries such as ncurses which may change terminal 
> > settings and if killed unexpectedly may not restore the correct settings 
>   Really?  To the point that switching to another console wouldn't
>   work even?  I'd think a simple Ctrl+D from within the offending
>   console would take care of the problem after a crashed program,
>   as you'd likely be back in the shell, unless it's effing with a
>   newly booted program.  Maybe I just got used to the  reset swith
>   on the old Commodore-64.
> The issues I was referring to are where apps may not want characters echoed to the screen when they are pressed on the keyboard, or adjustment of settings like that. I remember when I was looking at a tutorial for creating such an app it did warn you to make sure you restored previous settings, and did have a command (probably those chuck mentioned), should your app fall off the end without restoring the terminal settings. Yes you could switch to another terminal as well in these cases. I think as I said the presence of speakup has nothing to do with this.

>               Michael

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