Fresh Ubuntu Install with keyboard trouble

Zachary Kline z_kline at
Fri Jan 4 03:47:09 EST 2008

Apologies if this is off topic, or would better be asked on a Ubuntu or Orca mailing list.  I'm not subscribed to any of those
 yet--though I plan to.
The essential problem is that after I've installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop, I can't use certain key combinations.  ctrl+alt+tab is supposed to pop up the Gnome panel, so I can use Orca to review it.  This doesn't work.  I haven't found any other way to get to the panel: alt+f1 gets me to the menu, but that isn't quite the same thing.  
So far, this is the main issue which has kept me from doing much with the system.  
Has anybody got any idea why this might be?  A quick Google hasn't turned up much.
All the best,

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