does anything upset speakup?

Amanda Tink amanda.tink at
Fri Jan 4 03:17:40 EST 2008

Fabulous! Thanks for your very thorough and reassuring answer.


Gaijin wrote:
> 	Only installing a new kernel would do that, and only if the new
> kernel didn't have SspeakUp support.  Linux is a series of layers, and
> the kernel is the foundation on which everything sits, so unless you tear
> out that foundation, speakup will continue to work without a hitch.  As
> long as text is being sent to the console or text screen,, the kernel will
> repeat that text to your voice synthesizer, and Debian goes out of it's
> way not to break any of it's consoles.  If you're going to  possibly
> break anything, it will be software speech synthesis in the GUI, which
> isn't a text console, and redirects screen output a different way, as with
> the Orca screen reader.  Make a copy of your entire /etc directory, just
> in case.  The kernel will never be replaced unless  secifically told to do
> so, but Debian has an annoying habit of removing tons of packages just to
> install something you thought you wanted to try the the entire 
> X11 window system.  Use aptitude, which has the option of cancelling an
> operation you don't like.  HTH,
> 				Michael

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