Speakup's future

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed Jan 2 11:58:13 EST 2008

Lets not criticize people for merely asking for a status report.  If 
somebody is going to be beligerent about it that would be something else. 
But I don't think there is anything wrong with politely asking for a status 
report.   After all, it would be a good thing if even fairly non-technical 
people could use speakup and those kind of users are not in a position to 
contribute to the project. To me, that only highlights what a great service 
the developers are providing.

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>I think what is happening here is that there are plenty of users and not
> enough coders.
> If more people were working on speakup than Kirk and a few friends then it
> would develop faster.
> Unfortunately 100 or 200 users asking what the deal is won't cause any
> development.
> People are usually motivated by money or desire or whatever; so perhaps
> getting more programmers to work on speakup by taking donations from users
> would help the cause.
> The kernel folks aren't that interested in speakup; they have other
> priorities and there just aren't programmers working on the code to keep
> pace with the kernels.
> Keep in mind that all comercial screen readers develop faster because they
> have paid programmers.
> nvda thunder gnopernicus and the like are all developing slowly due to a
> lack of fulltime paid programming tallent.
> Perhaps with this new wave of ultra-mobile pcs such as the Asus eeepc and
> the like; more people will work on speakup in order that we may have 
> access
> to this platform.
> Sadly; free software is used by a lot of people but only developed by a 
> few.
> Regards, Kerry.
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>> Hello all,
>> What is the future of speakup? Kirk? Anyone? Is the git
>> repository going to sit there and collect dust? I need speakup
>> since yasr just sucks and I don't trust gnome-terminal to
>> everything. Speakup 3.0 with was a no-go for me with
>> "no such device" errors when modprobing speakup_dectlk.
>> So, what's going to happen to our beloved Speakup?
>> Garrett
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