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Your arguments are strong, and I agree with them for the most part.
There is a parallel project under way to deal with the various text
formats and present them conveniently to speech-dispatcher, and perhaps
it's the case that adding the TTS stuff to the WR project muddies the
waters some. Please stay tuned -- more tools coming along. Anyone
comparing the way this present WR tool reads text with any alternative
will surely prefer the alternative, since WR translates  an entire
document into wave format before ever uttering a sound, and that's
often an unacceptable wait. The alternative you suggest, and which I
too prefer, is to present fragments of text to speech-dispatcher,
paging through the text rather than the wave data. That approach is in
the pipeline.


On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 07:59:15AM +0100, Tomas Cerha wrote:
> Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> > Thomas reminded me of speech-dispatcher for this interface, but
> > actually this wave reader is primarily intended for browsing through a
> > wide variety of audio files, not primarily text files, and the TTS
> > feature here is an add-on.
> Hello Chuck, I have no intention to push you anywhere, but what you say
> seems to me just another reason for using a higher level interface.  Why
> complicate a simple add-on by interfacing to all possible TTS engines
> (since there will definitely be people, who don't like this one or that
> one), when you can just use a general interface without caring what is
> behind?
> > So for the moment, this wave reader will not go all the way and use
> > speech-dispatcher.
> Well, I'd say: "Why would you go all the way and invent a new TTS
> abstraction layer, when there already is one - the Speech Dispatcher".
> Anyway, feel free to make up your mind...
> Best regards, Tomas
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