another audio toy

Tomas Cerha cerha at
Mon Nov 26 01:59:15 EST 2007

Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> Thomas reminded me of speech-dispatcher for this interface, but
> actually this wave reader is primarily intended for browsing through a
> wide variety of audio files, not primarily text files, and the TTS
> feature here is an add-on.

Hello Chuck, I have no intention to push you anywhere, but what you say
seems to me just another reason for using a higher level interface.  Why
complicate a simple add-on by interfacing to all possible TTS engines
(since there will definitely be people, who don't like this one or that
one), when you can just use a general interface without caring what is

> So for the moment, this wave reader will not go all the way and use
> speech-dispatcher.

Well, I'd say: "Why would you go all the way and invent a new TTS
abstraction layer, when there already is one - the Speech Dispatcher".

Anyway, feel free to make up your mind...

Best regards, Tomas

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