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I went with flite because it is the speech-dispatcher default, and it
worked well on the test file that threw espeak a curve. Basically I
just implemented what I have on hand to play with, which was flite,
espeak, and a couple of swift voices. Plus festival of course. 


On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 12:31:38AM -0500, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
> > I tried mailing you at your old address, which was not listening.
> Yup. Sorry about that. Actually I think my old address still receives
> mail, but I just don't check it anymore. It just got way too big to keep
> up with. I also like the fact that gmail automatically archives
> everything as I receive it so I never lose anything. My biggest mistake
> with the old address was subscribing to way too many lists and not being
> able to send unsubscribe messages to some of them because they blacklist
> my server. Get this: they think I'm a spammer just because my ISP
> changes my IP address a couple of times a year. <frown> Well, so far I
> have been able to keep up with this box pretty well and hopefully I
> won't be changing it.
> I will definitely be giving your little program a try, and I'm glad
> eSpeak can be configured as the default. Just curious though as to why
> flite is still the default now that eSpeak works, especially since
> eSpeak is now the default synthesizer at least in Ubuntu. In fact, in
> Ubuntu, eSpeak, AFAIK, is installed automatically, at least it installs
> automatically if I use the screen reader option when booting. However
> flite isn't installed by default and must be obtained through Universe.
> Of course most of the other helper programs aren't installed by default
> in Ubuntu either, so this isn't a criticism or rant, it's simply an
> acute curiosity. <smile>
> Ahead warp factor 1,
> Lorenzo
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