another audio toy

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Mon Nov 26 00:31:38 EST 2007

> I tried mailing you at your old address, which was not listening.

Yup. Sorry about that. Actually I think my old address still receives
mail, but I just don't check it anymore. It just got way too big to keep
up with. I also like the fact that gmail automatically archives
everything as I receive it so I never lose anything. My biggest mistake
with the old address was subscribing to way too many lists and not being
able to send unsubscribe messages to some of them because they blacklist
my server. Get this: they think I'm a spammer just because my ISP
changes my IP address a couple of times a year. <frown> Well, so far I
have been able to keep up with this box pretty well and hopefully I
won't be changing it.

I will definitely be giving your little program a try, and I'm glad
eSpeak can be configured as the default. Just curious though as to why
flite is still the default now that eSpeak works, especially since
eSpeak is now the default synthesizer at least in Ubuntu. In fact, in
Ubuntu, eSpeak, AFAIK, is installed automatically, at least it installs
automatically if I use the screen reader option when booting. However
flite isn't installed by default and must be obtained through Universe.
Of course most of the other helper programs aren't installed by default
in Ubuntu either, so this isn't a criticism or rant, it's simply an
acute curiosity. <smile>

Ahead warp factor 1,

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